Posted by: edfisk | February 10, 2011

Oroville and Bullards Bar Jan.-Feb 9

Happy new year to all! Sorry that I have been late in my fishing reports. I have been exploring at both Oroville and Bullards in the past weeks. There are Kokanee showing at Bullards that are encouraging. They are about 10-11 in and scattered. We have been releasing all at both lakes. For Bullards the water temp has been cold as expected at 43-49 degrees. The depths that have worked have been 20-45 ft, colors have been pink Uncle Larry’s spinners with a small uv silver sling blade or watermelon seps or the wild thing. Hopefully the bass won’t eat them all by summer! At Oroville the cohos are small also but plentiful. They are scattered all over the lake also ,with the dam and 162 bridge being productive . the colors there have been white and Chartreuse, white and silver Uncle Larrys teamed with a Shasta uv white or silver #4 dodger, also wiggle hoochies and regular ones in white or orange have worked well. I hope that every one that fishes these two lakes will release as many as possible so they can grow!! Thanks and good fishing to all. Ed

Posted by: edfisk | September 22, 2010

Little Grass Valley Res. 9-20 &21

Fished with Vern Harms and his family Monday afternoon and tuesday. The kokanee are growing and are still bright. The fishing should hold for another month or so. We caught alot of fish with pink hoochies and Uncle Larrys Spinners in pink tiger, pinky, tropical tiger,and copper pink and blue. The dodgers were a mix of shasta sling blades in the silvers and the silver ultra lite, also silver seps w/ silver tape . Fish were at 35-50 ft deep speed at 1.0-1.4mph. The only ramps open now are Toombs and Black Rock. Fish averaged 13″

Posted by: edfisk | August 17, 2010

Stampede 8-12&8-13 Davis 8-14

Fished Stampede with the Brickers , in the water 6am with first fish 30 mins. later and non stop action after that ,fish were 14.5 -16.75 in . Water temp was 69 degrees at 6 and warmed up to 72 degrees by 2pm. Most productive tackle was gold/silver tape dodger and a pink/yellow bug. Second was a Shasta Tackle Precious Metal Pink/silver and a Purple People Eater Uncle Larry’s Spinner. Other Shasta dodgers and Hoochies worked also. The fish were holding at 65 ft. and the speed varied from 1.0 to 1.6mph. Off the water at 130pm. On 8-13 fished with the Partlows and had non stop action until 11am when the bite DIED. The Shasta tackle of the day before equaled the #1 tackle of yesterday. Same speed, fished both days between the ramp and island same depth. Limits both days with 14-16.75 inch fish. Davis on Sat. with the Jacobs. Water temp was 72 degrees and fishing was great with calm waters but the catching was SLOW weeds were a problem. The best lures were red/ gold crip lure and #1 fire tiger needle fish, speed was 1.3-1.7mph

Posted by: edfisk | July 31, 2010

Little grass valley resivor

I met my clients Larry and Charlie Crabtree, Jessica and Kale at the Madiu boat ramp at 6:30 am and started marking fish just outside the white buoys at 40 ft. We dropped the gear which consisted of 2 sling blade dodgers with a wiggle hoochie and a pee wee hoochie by Shasta Tackle, 1 wild thing dodger with a Pink Tiger Uncle Larry’s, a silver w/pink butt dodger and a Copper Pink and Blue Uncle Larry’s down to 35ft and as soon as he 4th rod reached depth the rods started going off and stayed that way for an hour with all rods catching fish. The action was consistent until noon when they decided to call it a day.Limits for all with many released. All the fish came on some sort of pink/blue combination. Another lure that worked well was a pink and yellow Teds bug with the red/silver Sling Blade Dodger.The depths went from 35-50 ft ,the water temp started at 72 and went to 76 by noon. Fish ranged from 11-13.5 in not huge but plentiful.

Posted by: edfisk | July 17, 2010

Little Grass valley And Stampede

Have been fishing Little Grass Valley and Stampede with good sucess. At LGV the kokanee bite has been doing well in the am and slows down after 10 am, You can still catch them but not as often, The depths are going deeper with the heat, in June they were at 35-40 ft and now it is 45-65. Downriggers are the best now. The colors are still pink Uncle Larry’s and hoochies of different colors try pink, blue, and green behind wild thing dodgers in gold, pink butt, watermelon. Water temp is rising to 72+. Stampede is doing OK it is an EARLY…. Bite!!!! At legal light to 930 am. We fished in front of the ramp to the island to Jays cove and by the dam. Early bite was on green hoochies and Uncle Larry’s Mad Irishman, with a few fish on various pink lures of Uncle Larry’s. Normally I do better on pink, blue, or purple Friday it was green so don’t be against trying new things when the bite is tough! Good Luck!!!!

Posted by: edfisk | June 23, 2010

Big Brown Caught at Stampede

What a Father's Day Gift


Fishing on Stampede Lake with the Russell Family. Trolling for kokanee using a Wild Thing dodger with a copper pink and blue Uncle Larry’s. At about 12:30 pm Grant though he had a major snag. This is what his 11 pound 31 inch brown trout snag looks like! Caught on an ultralight 7 foot G-Loomis rod using 6 pound test P-Line. Big sigh of relief for all when finally boated.

Posted by: edfisk | June 10, 2010

Stampede 6/8/2010

Fished Stampede for trout and kokanee, fish are scattered they aren’t in the same place two days in a row. If you syay with it you will get your fish. The fish are in good shape and are 13-15in. We used a variety of hoochies, uncle larrys, and bugs. The top producers were the pink tiger and the copper pink and blue uncle larrys, bugs were pink and purple, and blue and green, hoochies were cotton candy, and purple haze by rocky mountain tackle. All on the wire at 10-21 ft deep. No macks or browns on this trip. Good luck !!!

Posted by: edfisk | May 17, 2010

Davis Lake 5/11-5/13 and Stampede 5/15

Fished Davis for three days with good sucess on all days. The best lures were wee dick nites in copper/red head, #1 needle fish in fire tiger,and a wild thing dodger with a white #1 needle fish 12in behind the dodger. We fished from Honker boat ramp to the island and up the channel to Lighting Tree , then back to the little island. The depth on the downriggers varied from three to twenty one feet and the dodger set up on the surface, speed was from 1.3-to 1.7 mph. Fished Stampede on 5/15 . The Kokanee bite was wide open . We fished Jay’s cove to the point and from the ramp to the island.Fish were caught on gold starlight dodger with a pink tiger uncle larry’s spinner,silver w/pink wild thing dodger and copper pink and blue uncle larry’s, other lures were purple haze hoochies on the same dodgers. Speed was .95-1.5mph 3-21 ft on the downrigger. One2.11 mack was caught with the kokanee gear. All in all a great four days of fishing. Good Luck!!!!

Posted by: edfisk | April 27, 2010

Shasta Lake Fun Fishing

Went to Lake Shasta,  April 22nd through the 25th, for the first time and had a great time!! Caught trout and salmon to 3 lbs. We used a variety of tackle and the most productive for us were a 3/0 dodger in silver w/ space tape, a gold starlight, and a silver/ green . The lures included Uncle Larry’s white/green spinner with a green 3 inch grub, white P -LINE 2.5 inch hoochie, a Rocky Mountain purple haze hoochie, and Apex in green, blue and white. Depth for both trout and salmon seemed to be 30-45 ft trolled at 1.0-1.6 mph on the downriggers. Scents were anchovy and shrimp. Some of our party targeted trout up the river arms and had mixed success. The bite was not red-hot, but if you were persistent, you could limit.  All in all had a great time!

Posted by: edfisk | April 12, 2010

CIFFI Derby at Collins Lake

Saturday, April 17th, 2010

California Inland Fisheries Foundation, Inc – Project Kokanne

4th  Annual Collins Lake Trout Fun Fishing Derby. What a great way to spend the day with your family.

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