Posted by: edfisk | August 19, 2012

Dad’s Big Mac

August 17, 2012 the Bricker family including Louie (a handsome, well-behaved golden retriever) arrived at the dock at 6:30am for a fun day of Kokanne (aka Coconuttie) fishing on beautiful Donner Lake.
Lines out by 6:45 am with Kokanne setups, using a variety of Shasta Tackle sling blade dodges, Pee Wee hoochies, and Uncle Larry’s pink spinners. As the day progressed changed one rod to a Mackinaw setup using an Artic Fox Tandem Trolling Fly in white and black, had one take down with no result. Kokanne setups yielded numerous fish new ranging from 11 to 13 1/2 inches all day long. The surprise of the day came at 10:15am when a rod with Kokanee setup (Shasta Tackle copper melon dodger teamed with Uncle Larry’s copper pink spinner) released from the downrigger. Dad grabbed the rod and for the next fifteen minutes a fight was on! Thankfully the 8lb PLine CXX test line held and a 35 inch, 18 pound Mackinaw was in the net! What a fabulous way to spend the day with the Brickers.


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