Posted by: edfisk | February 5, 2012

Bullards Bar 1-31 Berryessa 2-2&3

Hope the new year finds all well. I fished Bullards on Tues and was surprised to find the kokanee plentiful, not big yet 8-10in. but in good shape. This might be a good year ! Best colors were  #3Sling blade dodgers in uv silver and water melon foil , with pink tiger Uncle  Larry’s, pink and purple bugs. Depth was 35-50ft on the downrigger with 50-60 ft of set back. we fished Willow creek and garden point. Berryessa was also a surprise we stayed at the dam both days and caught kings from 13in to 19in and all were fat! Depth was 55-60 ft and we used the 8′ sling blades in uv silver and green and pee wee 2″ blue hoochies, also flame orange ones we also fished Uncle Larry’s spinners in spec. blue and the Whitey. the water temp for both lakes varied from 50-52 degrees . I think both lakes will be really good later especially if we all release for awhile. Good fishing to all! Ed



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