Posted by: edfisk | June 25, 2011

Little Grass valley Lake6-23&24

Little Grass is open finally! We went for the first trip of the year and had a great trip. The fish are small but very plentiful and hungry. We targeted bigger fish until dark on Thursday with the biggest a 1.5 lb brown and rainbows to 14in. Used rapalas, dodgers with Uncle Larry’s Spinners, and humdingers. Fish were from the surface to 31ft.,and the water temp 62-64 degrees The Kokanee on Friday wanted anything pink and purple,or pink and green. Our best setups were Shasta sling blade silver teamed with a Tropical Tiger Uncle Larry’s, a pink and silver Sling Blade and a pink wiggle hoochie. The campgrounds are not open yet but the toombs ramp just opened and black rock is open. The camp hoast said they are working on them as fast as they can. Now is a great time to get  the young ones interested in fishing at Little Grass Valley! Good Luck Ed


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