Posted by: edfisk | June 1, 2011

2011 Eagle Lake Opener

Eagle Lake 2011 was windy, snowy, and chilly, but the fishing was very good. On Sat. we headed out at 5am and went south from Spaulding and started at the jetty and trolled around Pikes Point, I had just got the 4th line in the water when a rod went off and we had the 1st fish of the day a 17 in that we released. No more bites there so we headed to the rocks below Shrimp Island and ended up staying there and catching and releasing over 20 fish with the largest at just under 3# and the average being 2-2.5#. The best lures for my group both days were orange Hum Dingers, Uncle Larry’s Lures in the Black Perch and Copper Pop, also brown and orange grubs worked well. The water level is up I would say 1 foot and the water temp was about 49-52 degrees. We fished Sunday the same place and did just as well. Depth both days was the surface to 15 ft. Monday was a different story the bite slowed down for us and just as I said the weather is too nice the wind came up like the perfect storm! We called it a day at 9am and went in. The fish are in great shape with thick body’s and nice filets. Pine creek is still flowing and there is still a lot of snow in the mountains! Hopefully the water will still rise for a while. All in all a great trip even with the wind.


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