Posted by: edfisk | August 25, 2012

Donner Lake 8/23/2012

Fished Donner again with great success on Kokanee but not on Macks. I left the ramp at 6:00 am and picked my clients up at their place on the lake and headed towards China Cove . It took about 1/2 hr to find the fish, they seem to be on the move for some reason. If you look you will find them. The colors were copper melon Shasta dodger with pink Uncle Larry’s spinners, also other Shasta Dodgers and various Uncle Larry’s in other colors. The depth ranged from 55-75 ft. Water temp was 68-69.8 speed 1.3-1.8 many fish caught and released. Skiers on the water by noon. Good luck !

Posted by: edfisk | August 19, 2012

Dad’s Big Mac

August 17, 2012 the Bricker family including Louie (a handsome, well-behaved golden retriever) arrived at the dock at 6:30am for a fun day of Kokanne (aka Coconuttie) fishing on beautiful Donner Lake.
Lines out by 6:45 am with Kokanne setups, using a variety of Shasta Tackle sling blade dodges, Pee Wee hoochies, and Uncle Larry’s pink spinners. As the day progressed changed one rod to a Mackinaw setup using an Artic Fox Tandem Trolling Fly in white and black, had one take down with no result. Kokanne setups yielded numerous fish new ranging from 11 to 13 1/2 inches all day long. The surprise of the day came at 10:15am when a rod with Kokanee setup (Shasta Tackle copper melon dodger teamed with Uncle Larry’s copper pink spinner) released from the downrigger. Dad grabbed the rod and for the next fifteen minutes a fight was on! Thankfully the 8lb PLine CXX test line held and a 35 inch, 18 pound Mackinaw was in the net! What a fabulous way to spend the day with the Brickers.

Posted by: edfisk | February 5, 2012

Bullards Bar 1-31 Berryessa 2-2&3

Hope the new year finds all well. I fished Bullards on Tues and was surprised to find the kokanee plentiful, not big yet 8-10in. but in good shape. This might be a good year ! Best colors were  #3Sling blade dodgers in uv silver and water melon foil , with pink tiger Uncle  Larry’s, pink and purple bugs. Depth was 35-50ft on the downrigger with 50-60 ft of set back. we fished Willow creek and garden point. Berryessa was also a surprise we stayed at the dam both days and caught kings from 13in to 19in and all were fat! Depth was 55-60 ft and we used the 8′ sling blades in uv silver and green and pee wee 2″ blue hoochies, also flame orange ones we also fished Uncle Larry’s spinners in spec. blue and the Whitey. the water temp for both lakes varied from 50-52 degrees . I think both lakes will be really good later especially if we all release for awhile. Good fishing to all! Ed


Posted by: edfisk | August 3, 2011

Little grass valley and Oroville end of July

I haven’t been able to boot up for a few days ,Sorry. I have been fishing at LGV and Oroville for the better part of July with good success. At Oroville the Cohos have been scattered but good size. You will find them in the main body, at the 162 bridge and over structure with the best depth at 45-67 ft in 100+ft of water. The best colors for us have been silver sling blades, white , yellow, green hoochies with anchovy pcs. trolled at 1.5-1.8mph, also the white and chart. Uncle larry’s spinner with the same dodger. At LGV the kokanee are plentiful and hungry. The smaller sling blades in uv silver, silver and pink with pink uncle larry’s have been the best with seps and wild thing dodgers with pink and white hoochies a close second. The depths have been 40-50 ft trolled 1.2-1.7 mph. The fish seem to be in the Toombs and madiu ramp coves in 60-90 ft of water. Good luck to all, Ed

Posted by: edfisk | June 25, 2011

Little Grass valley Lake6-23&24

Little Grass is open finally! We went for the first trip of the year and had a great trip. The fish are small but very plentiful and hungry. We targeted bigger fish until dark on Thursday with the biggest a 1.5 lb brown and rainbows to 14in. Used rapalas, dodgers with Uncle Larry’s Spinners, and humdingers. Fish were from the surface to 31ft.,and the water temp 62-64 degrees The Kokanee on Friday wanted anything pink and purple,or pink and green. Our best setups were Shasta sling blade silver teamed with a Tropical Tiger Uncle Larry’s, a pink and silver Sling Blade and a pink wiggle hoochie. The campgrounds are not open yet but the toombs ramp just opened and black rock is open. The camp hoast said they are working on them as fast as they can. Now is a great time to get  the young ones interested in fishing at Little Grass Valley! Good Luck Ed

Posted by: edfisk | June 1, 2011

2011 Eagle Lake Opener

Eagle Lake 2011 was windy, snowy, and chilly, but the fishing was very good. On Sat. we headed out at 5am and went south from Spaulding and started at the jetty and trolled around Pikes Point, I had just got the 4th line in the water when a rod went off and we had the 1st fish of the day a 17 in that we released. No more bites there so we headed to the rocks below Shrimp Island and ended up staying there and catching and releasing over 20 fish with the largest at just under 3# and the average being 2-2.5#. The best lures for my group both days were orange Hum Dingers, Uncle Larry’s Lures in the Black Perch and Copper Pop, also brown and orange grubs worked well. The water level is up I would say 1 foot and the water temp was about 49-52 degrees. We fished Sunday the same place and did just as well. Depth both days was the surface to 15 ft. Monday was a different story the bite slowed down for us and just as I said the weather is too nice the wind came up like the perfect storm! We called it a day at 9am and went in. The fish are in great shape with thick body’s and nice filets. Pine creek is still flowing and there is still a lot of snow in the mountains! Hopefully the water will still rise for a while. All in all a great trip even with the wind.

Posted by: edfisk | May 24, 2011

Stampede Lake May 20, 2011

Big Mack!
Fishing on Stampede Lake with Bob and Les from Napa ,May 20th and 21st. Fishing for Kokanee at a depth of 7 to 30 feet using Shasta Sling Blade Dodgers and a variety of Uncle Larrys Lures. Big Mack caught at 40 feet on F18 Rappala trolling at 2 miles per hour. New it was a big one and was thrilled with the 9 lb plus Mack that was netted.
Had a great time fishing with Bob and Les. My wife thanks you for the case of wine! Says I can go fishing with anytime!!!
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Lake Oroville

Fishing with Ian and Zoie from Penn Valley. Kept six CoHo’s ranging in size from 14 1/2 to 16 1/2 inches using Shasta Tackle, Uncle Larry’s Lures, and various Hoochies at a depth of 10 to 30 feet.

Had a great time and Zoie thanks for the help cleaning the fish!

Posted by: edfisk | April 15, 2011

Oroville Fun April 14, 2011

Fishing with Dean and Jim from Penn Valley, we had a great day. Limited on Coho’s ranging from 15 to 16 1/2 inches and weighing up to 2lbs. Caught on  Shasta Tackle dodgers,  Kokanuts, Wiggle Hoochies, and Uncle Larry’s spinners. Depth was surface to 25 feet.

Posted by: edfisk | March 10, 2011

March fun at Pyramid Lake

Fun fishing trip Match 4th through March 6th with the boy’s from Grass Valley, Chico, Folsom, Napa and Sacramento. Caught on 5inch frog flat fish along with a 12 inch questionable fish.

A great time was had by all.

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